Brilliant Christmas card from the Spanish central bank

They may not have the last laugh, but there are worse ways to go. (Via Barcepundit)

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  1. Charles has his thoughts, but I wonder (a) whether the image isn’t upside down (I’ve got too many cables attached to the machine to revolve it 180º), and (b) whether they’re not actually the famous Venetian acrobats, who probably inspired the castells of which you’re so fond. I think there’s a complex message in there trying to get out.

  2. Apart from the image itself, we should be considering the painter. Sert was an extremely wealthy bohemian leftie who spent post-WWI in an A-list threesome with Roussy Mdivani and Misia, ex of the coprophile newspaper man Alfred Edwards, caroused with Diego Rivera, and then supported Franco, getting as one of his rewards the commission to repaint his murals in Vic Cathedral, which had been destroyed by the Ungrateful Poor. Balancing is a major theme in his work – apart from Vic, check the stuff he did in Palma – so the choice is altogether a splendid one. The Prado job beckons.

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