A gym called Anthrax

CLUB ESPORTIU ANTHRAX. Only disadvantage: they bury you in a lime-pit if you quit.

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  1. Seems to recruit members exclusively from the press corps. Hmmm….

  2. SAUNA MEGADETH. I presume it’s a brothel whose existence and real name are to be disguised from spouses. Vigatans 5 hosts a hotel.

  3. The War on Terror is still on. I reckon this club provides realistic training to journalists much like some army offers field courses. The Spanish army does not.

  4. “ANTHRAX NATURE SL es una empresa de barcelona (barcelona) , fundada el 20/06/1995 y dedicada a actividades deportivas y complementarias y la venta de articulos y productos deportivos,excepto actividades sometidas a legislacion especial y en especial a la ley del deporte. ”

    It’s part-owned by the A-list restaurateur Salmonella Hike.

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