“Placed with an international criteria in the market”, but to whom does this refer?

In a world of staggeringly incompetent amateurs the website of Textiles Athenea is just run-of-the-mill hound-dog, so I wouldn’t even mention it if someone hadn’t wept an empathic tear at a job ad of theirs that came flashing past. Hmm, to be the sparkling hub of their textile pattern design, collection formation and trend spotting they’re looking for a Fine Arts graduate with at least two years experience and

Portafolio Artisitico
Dominio de photoshop,illustrator y Corel
Orientacion a la moda y búsqueda de tendencias
Ingles nivel alto

The lucky applicant will start on 15K€ gross, which is to say roughly 1K net/month, or just above 7/hour worked, at a time when babysitters and cleaners are making 10. And all that to put up with an organisation which can’t (be bothered to) spell “artistic” in a desolate village in Alicante province. London, here comes someone, and it probably ain’t Athenea.

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