Needed, a ballad for the Olli Rehn empire

Featuring Umberto Eco on Orgasmus, an obscure Restoration Scottish nationalist on London, Mexico’s revolutionary and narco-corridos, and Italian Renaissance bandit- and Camorra-praise poetry, all for the benefit of the European Union’s commissar for provincial affairs.

Michele Pezza aka Fra Diavolo leading Neapolitans against Frankish imperialists.

A gym called Anthrax

CLUB ESPORTIU ANTHRAX. Only disadvantage: they bury you in a lime-pit if you quit.

Automated caching of helpful intros from Wikipedia

For each tag you will get one of a one-sentence intro + link if it’s in Wikipedia and if it may confuse an average reader (eg “web cache”); just a link if the concept is available on WP but too simple to bother with (eg “cache”); nothing if there’s no corresponding WP entry (eg “reservatory”).…

Fua vs Hoe

Philosophy don’t make nest for sweet little pigeon.

Facebook: if you form a civil partnership you must be gay

Chez Lexicool, via MM, Katia, who, using Facebook in English, described herself as being in a civil union with Juan, only to have a lucky escape from her mother-in-law, who, using Facebook in Spanish, had understood that this was in some sense a homosexual union, and was just about to order some educational literature from…

My tribute to the Marquis of Tàpies

A Tàpies bar on Paralelo for overfunded New Worlders, to play on any guilt they may feel for having absolutely ignored the silly old bugger for the last 50 years.

Drone target: La Voz de Barcelona

“Solo el Principado de Asturias, la Comunidad de Madrid, Cantabria, Galicia, Aragón y Cataluña están por encima de la media española.” Afaik 90% of what they do is sift through El País, rephrase and add spin, but ffs. And it’s curious: whatever decline may have taken place, I thought Greece and Spain were still world-leaders…