Indian spammers masquerading as incompetent Spanish translators?

Lenox points me to an article called “Hotels In Benalmadena, Mojacar And Vera – Spend The Amazing Night Life!“, which returns ca. 1800 ghits for me this morning. That level of distribution kind of surprises me, because fucked Spanish translation tends to be the work of artisans apparently innocent of the benefits the age of mechanical reproduction could bring to their works of art. This latter, hand-made approach to the production of low-value goods is the kind of thing that should be giving Luis de Guindos sleepless nights, and I fear that we must look to a more advanced economy for the author of these abominations. The tag on all of them is “jiyajeni”, who appears to be an unusually shy Rajasthani content farmer from the great city of Jaipur, rather, unfortunately, than the free-floating Pakistani model, Jennifer Jiya.

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