Self-determination: Crimea vs Catalonia

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Check out the man we’re now allowed to call Marcus. Several bits of the UDI equation still missing: fuel, weaponry, cyberstuff. In those Russia is our natural friend: apart from the Ukraine business, the path mapped out by CDC and approved of more or less by the rest of the loonies is Mussolini/Putin-style corporativism, a powerful proportion of the locals is knee-jerk anti-American/-semitic, and what’s the point in trying to toe the EU line when they’re not going to let us in anyway. But maybe Joan Laporta’s Uzbek connection will pay off instead – he’s been suspiciously quiet recently. Go on Joan, get back the MH370.

Good line from Jordi: (The discreet charm of conservatism:) No hi ha manera de ser revolucionari sense ser dogmàtic, això constitueix el discret però ferm atractiu intel·lectual del conservadorisme. But we humans just aren’t very good at principles.

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