Sorry, can’t fix that one

The Barcelona MSM is financed from general taxation, but even they, like their freer brethren elsewhere, create some memorable juxtapofuckups. I still love the 19th century editions of the Vanguardia, then catholic and cautious, whose front page tended to be dominated by magical cures for venereal disease.

Guardian halfwits

Claire Armitstead, Tom Rob Smith, Lindesay Irvine, Laura Wilson, Tim Maby: “Marc Pastor joins us to talk about his latest novel – the first to be translated into English – and how he’s putting a new sub-genre on the map: Barcelona Gothic.” Zafón, Shadow of the wind, total sales ca 15 million. Or doesn’t he…

If you’re going to have a king, then make it a human

An image to die for. It’s curious how individuals from another time and place worm their way into your personal soap opera, and incredibly curious to see at last what they look like. I’ve read a fair pile of Transition recollections, but I don’t do telly, or moonlight and romance in general. So sudden visions…

Russia to annex Belgium?

What with the Antwerp port mafia, arms smugglers, pornographers and tax allergics, not to mention earlier Hasidic refugees from the pogroms, there are quite a lot of ex-Russians in the country who live in constant fear of barbarian hordes consisting of Phlegms, Whales, Moors, and, of course, the European Emission. Peter the Great’s maps would…


Disturbing evidence of a top-secret Russian plan to buy off the entire Ukrainian officer corps with tennis pro contracts in more pleasant climes.

Iberian pork lion, not

What’s the point in translating stuff correctly when most of Anglophonia wallows in a post-literate swamp? (H/t AG)

Central nervous system fail

Think to turn off gas ring Realise I can use it for something else Realise the instruction has already been sent, curse aloud Turn off ring The British Empire was rather like this before the invention of telegraphy. I hope it is a sign of sleepiness after 75 savage children yesterday rather than of some…