El revólvel rutilizado apareció en el asiento trasero de su coche particular

I obviously don’t know that much about you, but I can imagine someone saying this in all seriousness. OK, only 283 ghits, some attributable to Ms Scan, some to Ms Spelling (Labriego denuncia le quitan revólvel is butterfly-beautiful – see the body). But revólvel is feasible, although quite unlikely in Old Castile (?):

La siento en su silla a mi lado.
– ¿No te fuites a gualdal a mi pale Julián?
– ¿Y a dónde lo van a guardar?
– Pes en la iguesia, con la Vilgen. Malto y Tiodolete van a volvel di’aquí’un latico.
– ¿A cuál quiere más de los tres: a Marto, a Tiodorete o a mí?
– ¡A Malto y… a toos!
– Usté quiere más a Tom.
– Sí. Es necio como Tiodolete.
(Tomás Carrasquilla, Hace tiempos)

I think I’m allowed to say that if by some great misfortune a southern accumulator of public funds – say Ms Álvarez – had had a severe nervous crisis we would certainly somewhere have had to suffer a repugnant revólvel anthem. For no good reason Chuck Berry springs to mind:

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  1. These two Montses no doubt acted out of nominatively determined nationalistic spasms (either that or they saw no other way of getting back at the local cacique). Turning the crispación argument back on itself, can you really blame people for this sort of thing when the courts seem so incapable of dealing with the local warlords?

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