Author Translation, a literary translation agency

The excellent Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware, dedicated to exposing literary scams, has discovered Author Translation. This agency appears to specialise in EN->ES at extremely low prices – 0.02$ per translated word is quoted. As Victoria notes, they find English a struggle, but the sample Spanish translation provided (grab) -of an Arthurian romance self-published by…

Things people tell me

Towards the end of the war the Japanese generals went to Hirohito and said, “Emperor, unless we find new troops immediately we will have to surrender.” But a devilish light shone in the eyes of the occupant of the Chrysanthemum Throne, and he spoke defiantly, “Gentlemen, send the palace dwarves into action, and have them…

Irish break

Here. I suppose the murder of Nicholas Walsh before he completed his pioneering translation into Irish of the New Testament may have alienated talent from the market.


The cobbler to his last and the gunner to his linstock (equivalents), but even Spanish is a struggle.

One for the mobile phone radiation paranoids

From Afferbeck Lauder’s great pioneering study of Meganesian lang and lit, Let stalk Strine: Aorta stop all these transistors from cummer ninner the country. Look what they doone to the weather. All this rine! Doan tell me it’s not all these transistors – an all these hydrigen bombs too. Aorta stoppem!

Mike Tyson was once asked why he had been so bad for so long

“Well, you thee,” he lisped, “for yearth I thought that ethicth wath an Englith county.” Bad Muslim, fucking cool Muslim: vote Ahmed Aboutaleb (via). Rotterdam, probably the ugliest city in Western Europe, but in terms of linguistic expression second to none.

Galician retards

Here’s a splendid selection, with ditto commentary. The Good Lord’s distribution of blessings just ain’t equitable.