Excellent Ciudadanos proposals for autónomos

Maybe one can vote for them after all.

PP+CiU+PNV traditionally screwed new small business because their old business partners didn’t want competition. PSOE+IU+ALPHABETSOUP traditionally screwed new small business because their union partners knew there was no muscle to be gained there. Result: if you were smart but without connections and cash you wasted your life and talent working for some pijo capitalist arsehole and/or mouthing dumb slogans for some (neo)pijo socialist arsehole.

This is quite different – more like the British model (Garicano is at LSE), and an excellent way of repatriating some of the great young self-employed Spaniards who one meets in London bars explaining how they could never have done half of what they’ve done here at home. The Juncker/Amazon/EU complex won’t like it, so fuck em. (H/t Tom.)

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