Our nationalist-socialist revolution

Ethnic continuism and/or Catholic revivalism: what happened the last time xenophobic populist clerics took charge, with their Dios, patria y fueros.

Walking back from an afternoon gig yesterday I heard explosions and chanting: yup, a hen party from Barnsley.

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  1. I don’t think anyone should be too worried about what ‘Podemos Unidos’ does, but it’s nice that they make their ethnicist agenda plain from the very start. It fits neatly with Crónica’s general world view that anything that can be done to foment ethnic division in Catalonia, goes. I guess the message comes down from on high: its publisher is another founding member of SCC, funnily enough.

    Two other things: this new touting of ‘federalism’ would be convincing if all its advocates hadn’t suddenly discovered the word in the last 3-4 years. It’s an entirely reactionary position and will probably never be implemented. Much fairer would be to ask people in the Comunidades whether they want independence or a recentralized Spanish state because those will probably be the options.

    Catalan independence is, as I have been saying for years, a legitimate political objective quite apart from nationalism. I don’t deny that there are plenty of nationalists involved on both sides of the debate but they’re more of a distraction than anything else. The N word is used to muffle the conversation, not enrich it.

    And finally: that the candidate for Podemos here honestly can’t publicly choose between a Spanish monarchy and a Catalan republic shows how hard life can be when you pretend you’ve got all the answers. That he says we need a lot more debate on independence makes you wonder where he has been for the last decade.

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