Least politically-correct bar in Barcelona?

It’s basically a living room, everyone’s smoking, granny’s passed out on the sofa, behind the barman is a photo of him and father/brother/son(?) with the following: Wanted: Dangerous Rapists. Reward: €3000. And I haven’t got a smartphone, so no-one will find it.

Karl Marx condemns organ-grinders!

“Vagabonds, discharged soldiers, discharged jailbirds, escaped galley slaves, swindlers, mountebanks, lazzaroni, pickpockets, tricksters, gamblers, maquereaux, brothel keepers, porters, literati, organ grinders, ragpickers, knife grinders, tinkers, beggars”

Membres de la société de secours du dix Décembre, dans l'exercice de leurs philanthropiques fonctions.

Wurst is German for sausage

Wrust is a Spanish speciality and a Botswanan all-black metal band: Did they intend to call themselves sausage? How strong is the residual regional influence of German South-West Africa, not to mention boerewors camp? More namby-pamby posturing from Gaborone: A very shy black friend once became the lead singer of a moderately good all-white Leeds…

Tourism ain’t all bad

Ramblas, Barcelona, Monday 09:00: Three colossal German women discussing the relative merits of breakfast at Dunkin’ Doughnuts and KFC. Opted for both. Fat gent in moustache & shades rocketing along the pavement of c/ Hospital on an electric scooter, carrying, tucked twixt tummy and handlebars, a smaller e-scooter and stuffed donkey, the latter also in…

The better the host, the worse his accommodations

From MM: The [London Natural History Society] traces its roots back to 1858, when the Haggerstone Entomological Society was founded in June of that year. By the end of the year it had 35 members, who met one evening a week in the Carpenters’ Arms, a pub in Haggerston, which lies between Shoreditch and Dalston.…
Is this building on the corner of Bridport Place and Rushton Street the original Haggerstone Entomological Society  headquarters?

Joan de Son Rapinya: English lesson no. 1

There’s a clever name for phonetic language parodies which I have forgotten because it’s hot and I have been undergoing ye notorious Spanish wine torture: Shades of Maria Luisa Puche, the undisputed champion. My favourite one actually makes more sense than the poésie concrète I wrote for a political campaign some years ago and is…

Sounds of a mass beheading in central Barcelona

No, wait, I have looked out of the window and it is just the British having a few drinks. But the news from Tunisia, France and Kuwait can easily lead one to misinterpret those bloodcurdling screams. Sometimes Scientology doesn’t seem that bad after all.