Spanish vehicle purchase queries

  1. The thing doesn’t currently have a permiso de circulación, and is stored off-road. Is the former legal? If I buy it, how do I get the permiso so I can drive it away? Am I automatically given one on the cambio de titularidad?
  2. The current owner hasn’t transferred titularidad @DGT from the previous owner (the lack of any mention of impuesto de circulación on the informe suggests that either the current or previous owner is paying that). Mr Current appears to think that I can pay him for the scrap metal – presumably he has a compraventa somewhere – and then transfer titularidad from Ms Previous. That sounds pretty mad. Does anyone think it’s sane?
  3. Or are you all useless, carless hippies like me?

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  1. Came to no good, I’ll bet. Forocoches has got to be the best website in the world, but sometimes they take a while to get to the point.

  2. There is the possibility that Ms Previous selled the vehicle (¿are we talking of the Piaggio APE50?) to Mr Current, but Mr Current did not register him as the new owner ( it is legal, if you are a compraventa you don´t know when you are going to sell the thing and you don´t want to pay taxes meanwhile). Then Ms Previous “dio de baja” the vehicle so no taxes for her. That is perfectly legal. So the vehicle as of now has no “permiso de circulación”

    Then you, as the buyer go to DGT and ask for a “Transmisión ordinaria de vehículo” and a new “permiso de circulación” is issued at you.

    But a reminder. The “permiso de circulación” is not valid if the “Tarjeta de Inspección Técnica” is not current. Ask the seller for the ITV, as we, the not hippy drivers, call it.

    No joke the ITV thing. Sure you don´t want the Guardia Civil stopping you in the middle of the Castilian steppe without that paper.

  3. Thanks a lot Javier. The informe from the DGT says the Abeja is ITV compliant (it’s only three years old so it doesn’t need one till next year) but curiously there’s no mention it having been dado de baja. I need to ask him these kind of questions.

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