Your immigration doubts allayed

Romanians will regenerate the British film industry, like the Germans in Hollywood in the Nazi era.

Polite people ask discreetly, “But what are the Romanians going to do here except… ?”

And I say, “Remember The Bride of Frankenstein, Ninotchka, To Be or Not To Be, Casablanca, Double Indemnity, Sunset Boulevard, High Noon, The Big Heat, and Some Like It Hot? Look how Osbrown borrows and spends while Romanian govt debt/GDP is still under 40%! That means that, while our busty day of reckoning cannot be delayed forever, in the meantime Britain will attract talent suckled at the moobies of Dan PiÈ›a, the man who made Pruncul, petrolul ÅŸi ardelenii (The baby, the oil, and the Transylvanians, 1981)!”

There is so much to relish in this red western that it is insidious to point to 44:00, so here’s all of it:

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Last updated 04/09/2015

Billy Wilder (1): Billy Wilder was an Austrian-American filmmaker, screenwriter, producer, artist, and journalist whose career spanned more than five decades.

Dan Pița (1):

Erich Wolfgang Korngold (2): Erich Wolfgang Korngold was an Austrian-born composer and conductor.

Franz Waxman (1): Franz Waxman was a German and American composer of Jewish descent, known primarily for his work in the film music genre.

Fred Zinnemann (1): Alfred Zinnemann was an Austrian-born American film director.

Fritz Lang (2): Friedrich Christian Anton "Fritz" Lang was an Austrian-German-American filmmaker, screenwriter, and occasional film producer and actor.

Hedy Lamarr (1): Hedy Lamarr was an Austrian-born American film actress and inventor.After a brief early film career in Czechoslovakia, including the controversial Ecstasy, she fled from her husband, a wealthy Austrian ammunition manufacturer, and secretly moved to Paris.

Kaleboel (4307):

Ostern (1): The Ostern or Red Western was a genre film created in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc as a version of the Western films that originated in the United States. Proper Red Westerns, set in America's "Wild West" but involving radically different themes and interpretations than US westerns.

Peter Lorre (1): Peter Lorre was an Austro-Hungarian-born American character actor.


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