Genealogical and Historical Research Data

Gramps ID S0190
Author Dawn Chambers
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    1. James Tangye [I0584]
    2. Thomas Pascoe [I0587]
    3. Olivia Tangye [I0577]
    4. John Pascoe [I0588]
    5. Elizabeth Tangye [I0579]
    6. Lavinia Tangye [I0580]
    7. Samuel Tangye [I0576]
    8. Alice Ivey [I0575]
    9. Marriage, Family of John Tangye and Alice Ivey [E1316]
    10. John Tangye [I0574]
    11. Elizabeth Mayne [I0573]
    12. John TANGYE Head 59yrs Innkeeper b Illogan, Cornwall Elizabeth TANGYE Wife 59yrs b Illogan, Cornwall Samuel TANGYE Son 32yrs Tailor [unmarried] b Illogan, Cornwall Olivia TANGYE Dau 29yrs [unmarried] b Illogan, Cornwall Lavinia TANGYE Dau 23yrs [unmarried] b Illogan, Cornwall James TANGYE Son 17yrs Tailor [unmarried] b Camborne, Cornwall Elizabeth PASCOE Dau 25yrs Miner’s wife b Illogan, Cornwall Thomas PASCOE Gdson 7yrs Scholar b Camborne, Cornwall John PASCOE Gdson 4yrs Scholar b Camborne, Cornwall June THOMAS Servt 22yrs [unmarried] b Germoe, Cornwall Catherine THOMAS Servt 19yrs [unmarried] b Germoe, Cornwall [E1319]
    13. John Tangye [I0572]
    1. Birth, Richard Tangye [E1362]
    2. Elizabeth Tangye [I0593]
    3. Birth, Elizabeth Tangye [E1360]
    4. Richard Tangye [I0595]
    5. Birth, James Tangye [E1367]
    6. John Bryant [I0594]
    7. James Tangye [I0597]
    8. Marriage, Family of John Bryant and Elizabeth Tangye [E1361]
    1. Joseph Tangye [I0598]
    2. Marriage, Family of Joseph Tangye and Ann Bullock [E1373]
    3. Baptism, Joseph Tangye [E1369]
    4. Ann Bullock [I0599]
    5. Registered Q3. [E1372]
    6. Birth, Ann Bullock [E1371]
    7. Birth, Joseph Tangye [E1368]
    8. Registered Q1 in Redruth. [E1370]
    1. Registered Q3. [E1366]
    2. Richard Tangye [I0595]
    3. Elizabeth Pearce [I0596]
    4. Birth, Elizabeth Pearce [E1365]
    5. Baptism, Richard Tangye [E1363]
    6. Marriage, Family of Richard Tangye and Elizabeth Pearce [E1364]
    1. Birth, Elizabeth Mayne [E1320]
    2. John Harris [I0592]
    3. Lavinia Tangye [I0580]
    4. Marriage, Family of John Tangye and Elizabeth Mayne [E1317]
    5. Samuel Tangye [I0576]
    6. 1871 says Camborne. 1881: 1818-9. Death in 1893 aged 76 = 1816-7. CMT says 1816. [E0682]
    7. Marriage, Family of John Tangye and Margaret Rogers [E1344]
    8. Registered Q4. [E1348]
    9. Baptism, Amelia Tangye [E1355]
    10. Marriage, Family of Thomas Pascoe and Elizabeth Tangye [E1352]
    11. Baptism, John Tangye [E1343]
    12. CMT says 1827. [E1310]
    13. Burial, Amelia Tangye [E1356]
    14. Margaret Rogers [I0591]
    15. CMT says 1837. Dawn Chambers c1834. [E1314]
    16. Birth, Amelia Tangye [E1312]
    17. Birth, John Tangye [E1315]
    18. Baptism, William Tangye [E1345]
    19. Amelia Tangye [I0582]
    20. John Tangye [I0585]
    21. John Tangye [I0572]
    22. Marriage, Family of William Tangye and Amelia Jeffree/Jefferee [E1346]
    23. James Tangye [I0584]
    24. Thomas Pascoe [I0586]
    25. William Mayne [I0589]
    26. Olivia Thomas [I0590]
    27. Elizabeth Tangye [I0579]
    28. Birth, Elizabeth Tangye [E1308]
    29. Alice Ivey [I0575]
    30. Baptism, Richard Tangye [E1357]
    31. Elizabeth Mayne [I0573]
    32. Birth, Richard Tangye [E1313]
    33. Richard Tangye [I0583]
    34. Elizabeth Tangye [I0578]
    35. Baptism, Lavinia Tangye [E1353]
    36. Birth, John Tangye [E1303]
    37. Olivia Tangye [I0577]
    38. Baptism, Elizabeth Tangye [E1350]
    39. Aged 6 months, says Dawn Chambers. [E1358]
    40. Amelia Jeffree/Jefferee [I0331]
    41. William Tangye [I0330]
    42. CMT says 1821. 29 in 1851, 40 in 1861, 60 in 1881, so logically 1821. [E1307]
    43. CMT says 1818. [E1306]
    44. Baptism, Elizabeth Mayne [E1339]
    45. There's another Alice Ivey born 1768, daughter of Thos. Ivey and Alice - surely more likely given age 15 at first child if born 1776. [E1305]
    46. Baptism, Samuel Tangye [E1347]
    47. Marriage, Family of John Harris and Lavinia Tangye [E1354]