Visit us and it will be able to see a Warehouse Jerezana, small, but of great captivation and simplicity, personal and nice treatment

Bodegas Almocaden goes beyond the usual annoying Flash and cursor-stalker. All a bit sad: I’ve never drunk anything by them, but I suspect it’s pretty good. Unfortunately there’s more to life than product.

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  • Who’ll write me a drinking song?

    MG posted this C15th verse the other day, and D suggested but didn’t provide music:

    Bring us in good ale, and bring us in good ale,
    Fore our blessed Lady sak, bring us in good ale.

    Bring us in no browne bred, for that is made of brane;
    Nor bring us in no whit bred, for

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    Oh dear. The translation of this memo by the Spanish National Competition Commission is actually pretty good, so I suspect there’s some revenge scenario at work here.

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    Should definitely be an apostrophe, dudes:

    I’m pretty sure I’ve actually seen this before, in both Hispano- and Anglophone environments. You might think that it suggests that they are also pretty unlettered in their mother tongue, but establishing that would require thorough excavation. Nurse, my bluntest chisel!

    (H/t: Thingamajig)

    Update: Jeremy suggests that some people

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    The secrets of Erith Driving Test Centre.

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