curse of the snail: registered email in belgium

No, it’s not a Belgian joke: in Belgium you can send your email and have it delivered, registered, by a smelly man with a severe drinking problem, all for only €9.84. The business offering this innovative service, Certipost, is a joint venture between the dismal old state telecom and post businesses, Belgacom and De Post, and the press release gives a taste of what might go wrong. Since they try to prevent you going directly to the page concerned, go to Certipost’s entry page and look under Company Announcements for an item called Certipost pioneers hybrid registered mail. An English press release, right? Click on it and you get a Flemish release with an English title and the unsubstantiated assertion, “text also available in French.” Thankyou, Europe, and goodnight.

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Flanders (31): Flanders], French: Flandre [flɑ̃dʁ], German: Flandern, [flɑndɛɹn]) is the Dutch-speaking northern portion of Belgium, although there are several overlapping definitions, including ones related to culture, language, politics and history.

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