Bestiaries (iii) / stags (i)

Like a tree quick, rooted in the wind…

Provençal-influenced Dafydd ap Gwilym was one of the greatest mediaeval poets. In an insomniac moment last night, I thought I saw a fleeting resemblance between his ffwrch ffoawdr,/Rhediad wybren (antlered fugitive,/with the cloud’s swiftness) and Joan Oliver/Pere Quart’s cérvol/stag, illustrated by Xavier Nogués:

Like a tree quick,
rooted in the wind…
Previous post here. As far as I know, these gentlemen’s Bestiari is out of print at the moment, which seems a great shame.

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  1. do you know anything about the latin graffiti on the Cova dels Moros in Cogul?
    Has anyone researched this?
    Any comments would be welcomed!!

  2. I’ve never come across a study of the Latin fragments and I don’t even think they’ve been transcribed. Apparently one says Secundio votum fecit (“Secundio made an offering”). The Iberian inscriptions seem to have received more attention: 1/2/3 links that you may find useful.

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