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Doesn’t look like George Soros is too worried about the new green/red-tinged regional government:

US billionaire investor George Soros plans to invest 110 million euros (133.2 million dollars) in Spanish tourism property, according to [Expansión].

Soros will invest an additional 110 million euros through his holding MedGroup, in which he owns 90% of the capital and which has already invested 110 million euros acquiring property assets for use in the tourist industry in Spain, MedGroup chairman Jordi Robinat said.

“We have to position ourselves in sectors in Spain that have a competitive advantage, such as residential tourism,” Expansion quoted Robinat as saying.

Robinat owns the remaining 10% of MedGroup, which has funds of 225 million euros.

Robinat was involved four years back in unsuccessful negotiations to purchase the Tibidabo amusement park, which eventually went to another prominent local with a huge discount from major creditor, the Social Security, and after a bomb warning threw the auction into chaos and fundamentally changed the nature of the proposition on offer. I’m not sure I understand it even now, and no, I don’t believe there was a fraud enquiry.

I actually thought that Soros had put about three times the total amount quoted above into top-end coastal real estate here, but I’m ignorant; just as ignorant, in fact, as all the furred-up anarchists and trotskyites here who see cuddly Citizen Gyorgy as part of the same hard-right clique to which George W allegedly belongs.

However, what I really want to know is whether the rumour is true and Carod, leader of the separatist party in the governing coalition, has really played a round (around?) with Soros on the latter’s course near Carod’s home town, Cambrils. That’d make a good photo, but I’m afraid it’s probably a myth. Sorry.

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