Rambla scrambla

You’re standing there watching a gang of hardnuts running a find-the-lady game. Your wallet’s safely in your pocket with your hand on it, and you know better than to get involved in this type of scam. What you may not know is that this is a new version in which the game is nothing more than a loss-leader.

Suddenly a tall woman in dark glasses leans over to you and makes as if to put a €20 or €50 note in your shirt pocket. This confuses you, and you take your hands out of your trouser pockets in order politely to resist. At that point the note is withdrawn and your wallet disappears.

You pursue the pickpocket, but the rest of the gang comes after you starts beating you. Your friends try to help you, and the gang sets on them and tries to steal their wallets as well in the confusion.

This is roughly what happened last week to a clued-up, physically fit person I know, and I went out and saw them do it the next day. I’ll try to get some photos when the sun and the thieves come out again.

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