“Envious MP dynamited pig farm latrine”

GhanaWeb, one of the world’s leading portals, reports that

Kofi Azogba, Samuel Auyah, Sovey Awyah, alias stone, George Boateng and GK Dzamesi all executive members of the Pig Breeders Association of Pig Farm … [believe that] an agent of the MP [for Ayawaso Central] must have planted a dynamite or an explosive material in the toilet to cause the tragic accident that nearly threw the Pig Farm community into a trauma… They stressed that they believe the minister cause the action to give him the upper hand over them in his battle to take over the toilet from them.

All becomes slightly clearer on seeing the toilet in question:

There is nothing remotely funny about this. The pork business is tough, and Ghana’s farmers are clearly keen to use every chance they get to further their trade, even if that means equipping their toilet to a standard that would be the envy of most Spanish offices. However, where the urban-rural divide in Spain has been greatly reduced over the past couple of decades, Ghana, while in many ways a highly sophisticated, urbanised society, continues to produce the most amazing stories. Here are a couple:

  • The Ejumako-Enyan-Essiam District Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Miss Georgina Yeboah, has cautioned women against offering themselves to men without permanent addresses… [U]nder the theme: “National Integration through tolerance” [t]he District Director said very soon the fishing season would begin and fishermen would be migrating from community to community on fishing expeditions and advised women not to get enticed with fish to offer themselves to the migrating fishermen… In a football match between Ajumako Youth and Essiam Youth, organized by the directorate, Ajumako beat Essiam 6 – 5 on penalties after the full time score ended 1 – 1. The teams were presented with cash prizes and copies of the abridged version of the 1992 Constitution. [My emphasis]
  • The Mankranso police last Wednesday arrested and detained Nana Abena Bonsu, queenmother of Biemso Number One in the Ahafo-Ano South district and three others for allegedly assaulting a cocoa purchasing clerk of Olam Ghana Limited.
  • The provincial court has condemned RNAZ, 25, to five years in prison for burning down his own house in revenge for the police having confiscated his dog.

Oh dear, you’re right: the last story is Spanish.

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