Increasing use of Middle English in Chinese press

While their government slowly adopts the values and systems of the modern West, I have noticed recently that some Chinese journalists seek inspiration in older practice. Here is an example from a report on a truck accident, entitled Mobbing for eggs in order to fool the editor and other progressives:

Villagers rush to reave eggs from a truck carrying some 1,300 boxes of fresh eggs that overturned on the roadside near Hangzhou June 27, 2004. Hundreds of villagers reft the eggs that were not broken. The truck driver, from Shandong Province, stood there helpless and saw his truckload of eggs, valued at 300,000 yuan, disappeared.

Reave is indeed Middle English for “rob”/”pillage” (think bereave), but I’d like to see them build on this, with proper egges, a wain, and a decent galwes scene to conclude.

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