Columbus probably Caucasian, possibly Catalan

From the Discovery Channel summary it looks like they have had the sense not to haul in local nutcase Jordi Bilbeny in support of the latter assertion (his Brevíssima relació de la destrucció de la Història. La falsificació de la descoberta catalana d’Amèrica must be some of the most comically incompetent history ever written). However, I don’t think it will take a bishop to pick holes in what they’ve got (or, for that matter, to wonder how La Vanguardia made the interpretative leap from “Columbus was probably not Italian” to “Columbus was a Catalan corsair”). For the record, Columbus was Norwegian.

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  1. That looks like some really bad journalism. The only new evidence is that he probably wasn’t a Jew. Big deal.

  2. I was thinking the other night about 1714. Just imagine if the British had got more involved in the war and driven off the motley band of Iberians attacking Barcelona, there’s no way they’d have finished the job and just left. Do you think Catalans would be happier being ruled by the British than by the Spanish?

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