Pontiff Beer/Papst-Bier

From the mid-fifteenth century translation into Spanish of Peter Apian‘s Cosmography:

The towns of the Duchy of Saxony.
– Wittemberg, Witenberga. 30.30/51.50.
– Halberstat, Halberstadium, 28.38/52.11.
– Lunenborg, Luneburgum, 27.50/54.0.
– Braunsvick, Brunsuicum, 28.0/52.34.
– Embeck, Embica, In this region they make very good beer. 27.32/52.6.
– Lebenberg, Leoburgum, 28.2/54.10.
– Hal, Hallis Saxoniae, 26.49/51.41.
– Lubeck, Lubecum, 28.20/54.48.
– Meydburg Puerto, Mesvium, 29.38/52.20.
– Hersburgum, 30.44/51.42.
– Bremen, Bremis, 25.9/53.40.
– Minden, Mindena, 25.44/52.50.
– Werden, Werden. 26.35/53.25.
– Hangerhus. 29.13/51.3.
– Eyszleben, Yszlebia, 29.20/51.46.

You’ve all heard by now about Weideneder’s Papst-Bier/Pontiff Beer (which is not brewed in Benedict XVI’s home town, Marktl am Inn). Funnily enough Apianus associates none of his Bavarian towns with brewing.

(Please don’t remind me about what happened to Eldridge Pope.)

(Please do tell me what Embeck is now. I’ve played and cycled across Saxony, so I should know…)

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