Baron von Gizman (or whoever) threads his way round the that/which dilemma by using both on the No Kill I site. (No Kill I is a band thatwhich I have never heard, and thatwhich has been involved in a disturbing voodoo chicken situation.)

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  • Chicken fax

    I guess I thought this photo was freaky–chicken being stuffed in machine?–but there are quite a few chicken fax services out there. Kentucky Fried Chicken Fax in Peoria, Illinois also does buffalo wings, but no porcine pinions.

  • Gili Pollos

    Is the name of a chicken grill in Mexico City. (For the uninitiated, pollo is Spanish for “chicken” and gilipollas is Spanish for “arsehole”, although as far as I know it’s only peninsular.)

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    Bit old-fashioned, probably still works, though the pollo doesn’t look too happy about being faxed to hungry consumers:

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    There’s an excellent St Marks rant by Anna Somers Cocks over at the New York Review of Whatever. No one who has been involved in tourism in southern Europe will be surprised by the notion that local government is reluctant to tame the tourism monster because its members benefit on the side from the huge black …


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