Pete Simon's Greek grammar, written in Spanish

Surely of interest to someone. The scrawl on the front page says “Royal Veterinary School”.

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  1. Big belated thanks to Baldie for opening up a new agenda for my genealogical research. At present, it’s all Greek to me, a statement which may also be applied to the mutual compatibility between your redesigned site and my Safari-browsing iBook, but one must remain optimistic that, at the end of the travaux, I shall not be required, as presently, to resort to a PC to avoid crashing the connection to said iBook when clicking on Related items (it is true that Safari has a tendency to go AWOL). Incidentally, is 34-and-a-half months a record for time elapsed between post and comment on your esteemed blog? Oh and by the way maybe my google rankings will rise now that my aged Australian communist namesake is, sadly, no longer with us?

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