Another Andalusian joke

This one’s from an Eugenio tape from the early 1980s, although it also seems to be a standard Lepe joke. It relies for its effect on a homophony created by a dropped consonant, a typical characteristic of Andalusian dialects:

Dos andaluces van andando por la selva y uno le dice al otro:
– ¡Mira, una boa!
– ¡Vivan lo novio!


Two Andalusians are walking through the jungle and one says to the other:
– Look, a boa!
The other, mistaking boa for bo[d]a, wedding, cries:
– Long live the happy couple!

Eugenio was an imperturbable three-jokes-a-minute artist who died in 2001. His material was in Spanish interspersed with Catalan, all performed with a very strong Barcelona accent. There are MP3s here.

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