Complicated family joke

Displaying Mexican contempt for the metropolis.

One of several anti-Spanish jests heard in Mexico:

A Spaniard arrives in DF and asks the taxi driver what Mexicans talk about in bars.
“Well,” says the cabbie, “why don’t you let me tell you a famous Mexican riddle?”
“OK,” says the Spaniard.
“It goes [something] like this: who’s screwing my mother’s daughter-in-law?”
The Spaniard thinks about it for a moment and says, “Man, I don’t know.”
“Uh, ha ha.”
So the Spaniard goes back home and his friends ask him if he’s learned any new jokes on his travels.
“Well there’s this famous Mexican riddle you’re going to love. It goes like this: who’s screwing my mother’s daughter-in-law?”
His friends think about it for a moment. “Man, we don’t know.”
“A Mexican taxi driver!”

This joke may have been told by Polo Polo. I don’t know what the purported basis is for the Mexican belief that the Spanish are stupid. Unusually for this type of relationship–Dutch/Belgian and English/Irish jokes are all one-way–there are also Spanish jokes about stupid Mexicans. Fortunately I can’t remember them.

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