A sulky is a Russian dog

The hilarious case (via Malaprensa) of Pedro J Soriano, Alicante policeman, trade unionist, and columnist for Las Provincias in Valencia, who plagiarised an article published on Orsai by Hernán Casciari without having the faintest as to what it meant, and who, when interviewed alla Ali G by Casciari (check the magnificent recording), said the equivalent of, “Well guv, it didn’t look to me like it belonged to anyone. It was just lying there.”

(You know what a sulky is, of course.)

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  1. ¡ROTFL!

    “—Perfecto. Entonces le pedimos permiso a usted para publicarlo, no al autor.

    —Pues yo no creo que haya otro autor que no sea el que lo ha enviado.”

    Not only “sulky”, but also “author” has been “redefined”.

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