More Valencian language wars

At stake in this terrible new conflict is nothing less than the question of whether the name of the place where the oranges come from is to be spelt Valéncia or València in standard Valencian, the former being the variant proposed by Àngel (that accent worries me) Calpe and other speakers of standard Valencian, while the latter is preferred by the hegemonist evangelists of northern Valencian, which they often refer to as Catalan.

French imperialist wolves in pacifist sheep duds have proposed Valência, and everyone with half a brain knows it’s Valencia, but as I write several great armies of diacriticists and orthographers are taking to the field under the stately banners of the acute and the grave with a view to resolving for once and for all the great vulgar Latin spelling bee, inaugurating a millennium of peace, stability and absolutely super fiction and non-fiction writing in these parts.

(Gents, you wouldn’t like to sort out archibo audiobisual at the same time, would you? Please?)

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