More on the Google Docs debacle

Response from Sales to one Peter Harvey re the new release: “We at google use our own tools and have been using this new interface for a while now and I have not experienced any dire loss of functionality with it. However, we do have requests for more sorting functionalities – by name, by file type, etc [ie what was in the previous release] and you can be sure that we are listening to our users as well [non sequitur]. I do understand people’s inflexible ties to their current system and business process as well as the inability to break this routine but as of now, users will have to work around this missing functionalities with all the other tools we have provided.” Sounds like a rather long-winded way of saying, “We’re amateurs.” I’m moving to Zoho, which does the same and more without crashing every couple of minutes. What I miss is integration with mail.

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