Google Docs new editor rant

Latest Google ruse to get you to abandon the old, superior Docs editor: “Would you like to see this document in the latest version of the editor?” pops up every time you open a document. Q: how do you turn off the helpful hint?

Continue down that path and you lose all your freuking revision history, as well as the ability to easily influence the look (& integrate the stuff you copy-paste) by doing regex crap-dumps. Keyword: Zoho. Reminder: drag this link to your favorites so you can open a new document with HTML & CSS editing enabled.

And, despite all the luvvy rhetoric about data portability (selecting documents one by one was pretty lame and no longer works as described), there’s no button to download all your stuff in anticipation of the fateful day when they lose patience with Luddites who don’t get their unexplained vision and simply turn off the old editor. Keyword: Cyberduck.

Ooh. Aah. Like freuking Jesus.

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  1. They’ve dug themselves into a hole with this one. But they’re the only force in the market, so why should they care?

  2. The whole cloud computing idea is bullocks. If I want to share my rants with others I use email, and that’s already a lot of giving away my personal data. If I want portability I use a USB (s)tick. In Spanish jargon: garrapata. For the linguist in you. Don’t know if you’ve heard it yet.

  3. I write stuff with other people, so the collaborative bit is good and the fact that Google has a possibly benign but poorly managed monopoly means it’s difficult to get people to shift to, for example, Zoho. But this kind of we-know-better-ism when they appear to have their head well lodged in their posterior end is a tad annoying. It’s time the Bell Telephone cure was applied to them, for their own good and ours.

    garrapata = sweet. I haven’t got anything like that cos virtually everything I’ve got is online and everyone is connected.

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