Catalan Green Party calls for bigger airport

I hadn’t noticed that the Catalan Greens were on the December 1 demonstration demanding more roads, airports etc. Funny old world. (That’s a socialist salute, not a fascist one, on their web page, just in case all their xenophobic gibberish had you confused.)

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  1. I guess they’d say that they’re in favour of local control over infrastructure, rather than actually build more.

    As to the salute, I don’t think many people would find it that difficult to identify between the two. The open-handed war-like Nazi spear salute is deferential while the clenched fist (which apparently originated in Spain) is defiant. While both perhaps fairly silly, I think they’re pretty distinguishable.

  2. So what they actually mean when they complain about a “lack of infrastructure” is that they want control to pass to Barcelona so, like real greens, they can close down the new terminal, thus fulfilling national aspirations? How confusing.

    All that Home Rule stuff made me think they’d copied the clenched fist from Ulster Loyalists.

  3. Of course, it all started with Marcus Garvey’s secret flamenco session in Cadiz on his way to Africa (see memo from CA Crichlow to the State Dept, Feb 1 1921).

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