Catalan government censors Montjuïc castle from Google Earth

I was wondering where it (and another landmark which I will post here as soon as I remember which it was) had gone to. Stefan Geens has the low-down, as usual. The ICC is on the mountain, so it’s not like they can have been unaware of it. Does this have something to do with Spanish army nerves re various minor assaults by separatists on the castle, which is still being used by the former? Or were the faithful at the Tarik Ben Ziyad mosque down below planning a spectacular coup?

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  1. Note that a commenter on my post says it couldn’t possibly have been the Catalan govt, as they are the good guys, but that it must have been the federal govt which forced the Catalan GIS agency to comply.

    This could well be the case, but I wouldn’t know where to start looking for confirmation:-)

  2. Apparently you can’t see the summit of one of the biggest mountains around here, Turó de l’Home, or some telecom masts up the coasts either. However, I’m sure there was something else I bumped into the other day, and I shall endeavour to find it.

    Colouring military installations (a dinky little museum in this case) black just makes them easier to attack, of course, as I overfly Spain in my pedal-powered anísdemonoplane.

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