Bar Morryssom

This example of hostelries unable to spell their own name is rather interesting because of the two signs Bar Morrisson is clearly older than Bar Morryssom. Does this mark a decline in Spanish literacy–they used to be able to spell it–or are they merely trying to please various orthographical markets? (Background: Spanish speakers find it difficult in various contexts to distinguish the Anglo-American /n/ from /m/, hence Edinburgh -> Edimburgo, Birmingham -> Birninghan etc etc)

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  1. It’s not just the Anglo-American ‘m’ and ‘n’ that the Spanish confuse. It’s also an ‘n’ immediately preceding a hard consonant sound. Hence Istanbul -> Estambul, “balon pie” (football) -> “balom pie”. It’s from this that the Edimburgo spelling comes from.

    By the way, the owners of shops on c/Van Dyck in Salamanca also name their bars on a whim – some spell it ‘Dick’ some spell it ‘Dyck’.

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