Zardá, a design company that can’t spell “design”

“Day bay day” is another marvellous discovery among many:

Zardá is a company that is investing day bay day during forty years, and developing their own systems and mechanics, manufactured enteredly for our company, guaranteeing a prolonged use without defects or demages.

Our intention has been desing transformable forniture in which their functionality, design and quality have given a product always innovator.

The secret of our products resides in the quality of the elected material. Together with the experience and ability of our team, that during the whole process carries out a constant and looked after task, guided to get a high quality in our sofas.

Sofás Cama Zarda, s.l. guarantees the correct manufacturing and quality of is products. It will assume the article reparing subject to its factory reception. The guarantee will be only effective when the claim goes with the purchase invoice.

The guarantee will only affect to manufacturing problems. The guarantee will not cover the demages produced by moving, installation or inadequated use.

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