Reus football supporters club exalts British fascism

The logo of Front Reusenc is borrowed from the British neo-Nazi party, the National Front.

Maybe someone can explain why Front Reusenc (originally sourced here, now here, website here), the supporters club of lowly Reus Deportiu, identifies itself with the Union Jack, skinhead bulldogs, elbow webs, red shoelaces and braces, bovver boots, and bad beer, a collection of symbols traditionally favoured by British ultra-right racists, the National Front. (They’ve also got a Facebook group run by Eloi Ferran which uses the same image and whose members include e-noticies‘ favourite Elvis-impersonator, Reus councillor Ariel Santamaria.)

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  1. No idea, but things can be misappropriated in interesting ways- it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re fascists. He said, hopefully. Spain’s not done itself any favours this year in the anti-racism stakes.

  2. I could never understand why British nationalists used swastikas, so I guess there are whole swathes of historical iconography that’ll I’ll never get.

  3. The interview with Barcelonan neo-Nazi bookshop owner Pedro Varela is amusing too He claims to have been marginalised by other neo-Nazis for being a Catalanist, and to have been a pioneer in displaying the Catalan flag in the final stages of the dictatorship. The totalitarians who run the regional government have given him a very rough ride for being the wrong sort of totalitarian. Life is hard.

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