Did Carod really give a speech at New York University on inauguration day?

There are no reports in the English-language media, and NYU’s agenda doesn’t list the event.

The Spanish press busy themselves with news of the Catalan Nation’s travelling moustache and his latest embassy, but his visit doesn’t show up in the English-language press, the organisers (Catalan Institute of America) are silent, and the only vaguely relevant function listed yesterday on NYU’s agenda is at 18:00 and features Miguel Sanz and the Navarre government. The Navarre event, coming at the beginning of the spring term and on inauguration day, constitutes a clear waste of public money, but it looks like Carod is claiming expenses for (self-)promotional activities that didn’t actually take place. So where were he and Ferran Villalonga yesterday evening?

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  1. Surely you’re not suggesting that nationalism’s foreign adventures are nothing but a PR fraud for purely domestic consumption and with the sole genuine intention of travelling extensively at the taxpayer’s expense?!

  2. NYU only hosted it because the Catalan government pays them through the institute Ramón Llull. There is a like arrangement for the LSE in London and other universities. Only about 30 people went to it.

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