The definitely guide of brothels

My “I’m surprised you even need to ask” title is plucked two-handed from the popups on the following, unsurprising aerial view of Spain, which may take a while to load: [pimp’s map later deleted by Google for violation of Terms of Service]. Please note that all IP-clicks will be logged and passed to the sales division of the Guardia Civil’s human trafficking unit.

The site description reads:

Spanish Brothels Addresses A complete liste with more than 500 nightclubs, sex clubs, brothels, puticlubs of Spain. Get the location, infomration about prizes, beautifulness of the girls, opening times, etc.

I believe the true number of brothels in Spain, including the numerous illegal establishments like Club la Luna at Girona Airport/Riudellots de la Selva, is considerably higher, although perhaps not as many as the 4,000 sometimes quoted. Then there are always the enthusiastic amateurs.

Following the Zapatero/Salgado/Campa roadshow of the last couple of weeks, we were puzzling about what they meant when they said that “Spain is a serious country.” Serious about what? Well, prostitution.

(h/t: a fellow walker)

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