Kalebeul’s 5% bookstore

Yet another scheme to get poor slowly.

Random Spaniard posted a while back suggesting that Brits may be buying slightly more books than the Spanish, and showing that the average price in the UK is approaching a third of that in Spain.

So, with my customary disrespect for you consumers, I’m going to throw in my lot with the Spanish publishing-political complex and flog via the Casa del Libro affiliate scheme and in my right-hand column (scroll down) the kind of stuff that interests me: middle-class whining presented as fiction and various forms of bigotry disguised as history.

The mechanism used is a little PHP script I wrote which scrapes and caches their taxonomy, and it will probably break at the earliest opportunity.

As some of you know I have various sensational stuff dumped on Google Docs which will start to make its way out via ebooks soonish. At the very least I hope to destroy one of Barcelona Council’s most beloved revenue streams.

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