Fuck Bicing

Being Barcelona Council’s corporativist scheme to marginalise private bike ownership and bike shops:


59euros is going round chaining random stuff to lampposts in protest at the council’s policy minimising facilities for non-council bikes and then removing perfectly roadworthy examples from the streets to make way for yet more council bikes and illegally parked motorbikes. Saltada Popular is also in on this.

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  1. Remember the million-person demonstration against the war in Iraq in 2001? The one headed by Barcelona mayor Joan Clos? According the British newspaper The Guardian, Clear Channel, Barcelona’s environmentalist partner in Bicing, organized their own demonstrations right around the same time:

    “In a counterpoint to anti-war demonstrations, supporters of war in Iraq have descended on cities from Fort Wayne to Cleveland, and Atlanta to Philadelphia. They wave flags, messages of support for the troops – and also banners attacking liberals, excoriating the UN, and in one case, advising: ‘Bomb France Now.'”

    It turns out, however, that many of the rallies were organized and paid for by Clear Channel, Inc., as noted by Oliver Burkeman in an article from 2003.

    Since the corporation is under so much heat, Clear Channel published a “myth” vs. “fact” article on their website. In it they defer responsibilities to their local radio stations. Regarding the pro-war demonstrations they say: “Clear Channel Radio local managers make their own decisions about programming and community events—including rallies to thank and support those in their communities who serve in the armed forces.”

    So is Clear Channel a decidedly right-wing company?

    The same article also states that “Politics plays absolutely no role in reviewing ad copy. In fact, Clear Channel Outdoor actively works with groups across the political spectrum to help them reach their target audiences.”

    Nonetheless, in 2004, billboards popped up in spots all around Florida, and next to a picture of Dubya one proclaimed, “George W. Bush – Our Leader.” Beneath the message was a disclaimer: “Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. A public service message brought to you by Clear Channel Outdoor.” (“Corruption Up High,” by Jake McGee, Kotori Magazine, re-published on http://www.clearchannelsucks.net)

    Clear Channel has been accused of voluntarily launching campaigns in favor of politicians running for office in exchange for favors once they get elected, favors such as the de-regularization of billboard advertising. They rejected an anti-war billboard but had no problem putting up some for the white supremacy group “Nation Alliance,” one of which read “Stop Immigration – Join the National Alliance” and was put on a billboard in the center of one of Las Vegas’ Latino communities.

    What I’m trying to get to is this: while the Ajuntament heads anti-war demos and trumpets slogans of “Peace, Sustainability and Multi-culturalism,” which were, of course, the three “ejes” of the of the much talked about and criticized Forum of the Cultures in 2004, beneath the surface it’s still business as usual: partnering with corporations that are not perceived to be environmentally-oriented (Coca-Cola) and others that profit from war (Indra, La Caixa, El Corte Inglés).

  2. The connection goes deeper than that.

    It is a little known fact that BCNeta is a division of Halliburton, and the emminence grise of the Baguetina Catalana is none other than Henry Kissinger.

    Bicing is the culmination of a 20 year CIA plot to spread AIDS to Dutchmen, in order to force the Netherlands government to collaborate in the war on DRUGS (remember that?). Freddy Mercury got wind of the plan, and so Montse had to take him down.

    You know it makes sense.

  3. thanks to contribuite to destroy bicing, bicing is the best of barcelona, i pay 30€ every year and i am very happy

  4. Bicing is the big shit of Barcelona, the bikes don’t run well. It’s a captitalist movement whit the suport of the goverment of the city.

    Actually, Barcelona is for the tourist but not for the citizen’s that pay his taxes, but they don’t like this model of city for the tourists.

    If you came to Barcelona to live for 1 years, you can understand what I say.

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