Hospital food

A comparison of the offering at Vall d’Hebron (Barcelona), Manchester Royal Infirmary and Medisch Centrum Haaglanden (The Hague).

Both New Year’s Eve and Three Kings (merci MM) look pretty good. The salad @ no 2 is a nice touch, although I imagine they don’t do that every day.

I had small quantities of dreadful food and large quantities of marvellous morphine in MRI a long time ago in a spell rendered bizarre by prior acquaintance with the nurses and with the admin wing, with whom / in which one used to kip when too weary to walk all the way home from the pub.

I managed to abort my stay at MCH Westeinde more recently by fleeing, bandages trailing, as I smelt my first breakfast being brought in. Not nice, though undoubtedly well meant.

No idea how the clinical care at Vall d’Hebron compares, but the grub looks a lot better. Perhaps you can think up an illness for me.

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  1. They both look pretty reasonable. I was in the Royal Devon & Exeter at Christmas a couple of years back (keeled over with appendicitis on Christmas Eve, which led to slight surreality – nurses wearing antler hats wheeling me into surgery). The restaurant food is great if you can get there; the patient food is nutritious enough but clearly done on a severe budget. The ghastliest thing was what was billed as “ice cream”, but was like lightly-chilled sweetened cuckoo spit.

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