What musical or theatrical numbers would you like to see performed on a barrel organ?

Any suggestions deeply appreciated. Here’s the form, the results of which I won’t publish live in order to discourage Looby from submitting the complete works of Nam June Paik. Perusable results there will, however, be, soonish. This is the original–from an old band of mine–of one arrangment I did tonight, but obviously I’m hoping you’ll come up with slightly wilder stuff. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?

(Cross-post from Kalebeul)

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  1. Just what I need for the Spanish market? No, they’re still stuck in the 80s. “So you’re a musician?! Bob Marley is sooo cool!”

  2. It was on my reading list, honest!

    I acquired a large Edwardian album from the parish rooms when I was about 12 to bash through at home, but I don’t remember anything with great affection. Maybe the 90s were better. What’s your favourite 90s song?

  3. “Monte Carlo” & “bank” are good keywords. I’ll have to have a think about the “Till they hadn’t got a sou for a Christian or a Jew” bit.

  4. My friend Mr Dalí says I could get round currency reform neatly by substituting “sou” with “Sioux”, but that might make things worse.

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