Yet more disastrous animals

Introducing my bovine concertina-playing twins, Salt-N-Pepa, and a porcine donations box.

Every real man should at least once (a) be a woman, and (b) try to conclude to his advantage a commercial transaction in the centre of Naples, which is where from a street vendor I bought these authentic Roman salt and pepper dispensers. Price: 1 euro, but if you look below, you will see that the holes are too big. My cows are seated on Thackeray’s Vanity Fair.

The piggy at the foot of the page is for Paypal tips and is for those who have enjoyed my performances and want to make an extra contribution. My rubber piggy is a revelatory element at markets: some children put money in him, and I like them very much, while others try to run off with him or break him open, and they will be bankers and politicians, and I love them too, obviously.

Someone asked me the other day what street entertainers will do in a cash-less economy, where piggy banks are no longer required. The answer is that they will be modified to take electronic payments, and grunt happily when the transaction goes through or bite you if your credit is insufficient. Like this:

… but better.

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