Death/transfiguration of Vallcarca

An excellent piece by Israel Punzano presents a more balanced view than my La Clota rant of the destruction and–according to some–the rebirth of a decaying neighbourhood.

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  1. It’s where I live and I am thoroughly in favour. It’s been pending for so long that the area has been blighted and has deteriorated but apart from that it will open things up. The frightful, claustrophobic C/ Bolívar will see daylight and the greenery will form part of the internal green belt running from the Oreneta Park to the Parc Güell. Most of the Llobregat side of Avgda. Vallcarca is best destroyed anyway and the few interesting buildings will be kept.

  2. Trading some squatters for wild boar is an interesting one. I played a couple of times at the illegal club next to the bus stop on Bolívar & hope I didn’t keep you awake.

    I don’t know where my absurd hankering for urban decay comes from: perhaps being a Thatcher child, or perhaps family tales of entomology on London bomb sites projected onto vague personal memories. But when outside is so drab, ordered and poisonous (couldn’t see Barcelona from above Santa Coloma this afty for the smog), I can understand why people stay indoors and play online games.

  3. I live higher up than that (Gomis, above the bridge) but the 22 chugs up Bolívar on its way up from town and it is not pleasant. I quite fancy a bit of greenery. It’ll make waking down to the library on Lesseps much nicer.

    I haven’t seen any of these famous wild boars yet.

  4. I thougt the boars just won some 3% in the last elections and now demand to be ignored no longer. But I haven’t seen one myself yet.

    Can we trust the press?

  5. Actually, I meant the SIbarites. Blanks ones, with just a little propaganda, could easily end up with a majority.

    Alas, we’re no party, for obvious reasons.

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