It’s all relative

My thought is that George Galloway supported the ayatollahs but balanced that in this splendid rant, while I guess in Brian Souter’s vision the good/bad labelling is reversed on the scales. For the record, Philip of Bourbon spoke French, Charles of Habsburg spoke German, both had multilingual armies, and – though hispanophile – neither patronised such excellent cultural practices as dolloping tomato sauce on old bread, perhaps because they hadn’t been invented yet.

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Archduke Charles of Austria (1):

Kaleboel (4307):

Philip V of Spain (1): Philip V was King of Spain from 1 November 1700 to his abdication in favour of his son Louis on 14 January 1724, and from his reaccession of the throne upon his son's death on 6 September 1724 to his own death on 9 July 1746. Before his reign, Philip occupied an exalted place in the royal family of France as a grandson of King Louis XIV.

Spanish Riding School (1): The Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Austria, is a traditional riding school for Lipizzan horses, which perform in the Winter Riding School in the Hofburg.

War of the Spanish Succession (6): The War of the Spanish Succession was a European conflict of the early 18th century, triggered by the death of the childless Charles II of Spain in November 1700.


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