Do Welsh expats incline to rain-drenched hills?

Nature vs nurture in the Italian Jones tribe.

Lunch-time discussion: How did the Ancient Celts end up living in hills which bugger your knees if you cycle up them with as little as one sheep in your panniers? And: If our genotype has adapted to grinding gradients and miserable weather, does this mean we’ll seek out optimal conditions for our powerful calves and rubbery skin when we emigrate? (With: How is it that the druids, so wise in all other things, didn’t foresee the bicycle?) This crapmap showing the distribution of the surname Jones (source: Gens) on Italian terrain (GMaps) suggests not. I’d say there’s hope for humanity.

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  1. The areas of concentration of the Welsh indicate the suburbs of Milan and Rome, so they’re probably the well-off educated minority who feel socially overrun by miners in Neath and a bit intimidated by the nightlife of Rhyl.

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