Cool Eroski-Caprabo scam

“Buy one, get another cheaper” ain’t what it seems.

They do “Buy one, get the second cheaper” offers in the drinks department, but lifting up the hung-over offer ticket to reveal the pre-offer price gives fresh cause for Spenglerian gloom, as if that were needed: acquiring two bottles of table plonk pre-offer appears consistently to cost more or less the same as purchasing two bottles under the offer, so that if you buy one now you’re actually worse off. They’re not advertising “Was X, now Y,” so I guess that’s perfectly OK.

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Last updated 11/10/2011

This post pre-dates my organ-grinding days, and may be imported from elsewhere.

Consumer protection (2):

Eroski (3): Eroski is a Spanish supermarket chain with nearly 1,000 outlets spread across Spain. It is run as a worker-consumer hybrid co-operative within the Mondragón Corporation group.

Kaleboel (4307):

Oswald Spengler (1): Oswald Arnold Gottfried Spengler was a German historian and philosopher of history whose interests included mathematics, science, and art.


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