In Babia

Off cycling, and stuff, Palencia, León, Babia, Entrego, Soplao, Bilbao, Burdeos, then north, should anyone fancy a beer or feel impelled to offer a bed! Since you wondered, the first case of “estar en Babia” in Corde is from an Englishman.
Rental info via contacts.

Amusing neighbourhood battle for control of public resources

Old guard horticulturalist-hippies versus arriviste mums-with-babes-hanging-off-their-tits, at stake a substantial villa and gardens near Park Güell and corresponding state subsidies. Let the death threats commence! Younger and stony-broker, I briefly contemplated the cloister, sacred or secular (Dutch prisons were pretty good back then). With retreats genuinely isolated from public-spirited humans increasingly hard to find, I…

Unusual duelling weapons

Of sausages, sugarcandy, daggers on helmets, sharp-bladed collars, pills, and billiard balls, with a note on zombie destruction.

Hammer horror!

Why the guillotine should not be Spain’s tumbril-filler in the coming revolution.

James Last, a bicycle trailer, and a pianola

From a tip by the Nun, the story that Hans’ dad, Louis, used to drive to gigs with a bicycle trailer containing bandoneon and drums, working entire evenings for four marks – this presumably before hyper-inflation. And at home there was an old (?!) electric piano with a remote music roll mechanism on which he…