Duffin Dagels’ rip-off of Dunkin’ Donuts – brand theft at its most vulgar

Here. At least the Vuitton fakes look good for a week, but you’d have to be pretty subnormal to be seen alive/dead in Duffin Dagels, and pretty legally clueless to buy a franchise off Antonio Crespo Lopez – or perhaps not, if Spain’s record on intellectual property protection in digital markets is a reliable guide. Anyway, wtf does ACL think a dagel is? A dago bagel? You tell me.

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  1. This post sounds a little suspicious to me! There is
    No such thing as brand theft with duffin dagels
    As they wouldn’t have been able to create and register their
    Brand if there was. Could one detect here a little jealousy from the competiton? All I know is that 30 shops in three years certainly doesn’ appear to be brand theft. If anything it proves the success and hard work of Duffin Dagels. I am the very first owner of their franchise and since day one professionalism and support has been given!

  2. For the record I’ve never had any kind of relationship with either chain. I am curious, though, as to how the registration process works.

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